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Tesla Electric Connection is an end-to-end road trip across Europe with the first Tesla S car that came to Croatia in 2014. The goal of the trip is to show that electric cars can be used in countries without an ideal electric charging station infrastructure. Furthermore, it debunks the myth that electric vehicles have poor autonomy or limited mobility and answers the frequent inquiries into recharging batteries and their durability. The trip takes place during the National Drive Electric Week an initiative started in the United States. Its additional aim is to spark interest in this mode of transport in countries through which I am passing, where electric cars are often still a rarity. By doing this, I want to lobby for faster development of the required infrastructure, i.e. a network of charging stations.

Saša Cvetojević is an entrepreneur and investor. A great spokesman for e-mobility and new business models, he is the founder of the first Croatian startup incubator and a member of CRANE's (Croatian Business Angel Network) executive board. In 2014, he organized the Tesla Convoy and used the Tesla S mentioned above to complete a 2200 km journey across the Balkans without a single accessible charging station.



photos by Mario Poje


photos by Mario Smolčić


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